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Aggregation Framework: Aggregate $lookup

Introduction to the Aggregation Framework

The Aggregation Framework is a powerful feature in MongoDB that allows you to perform advanced data processing operations on your collections. It provides a flexible and efficient way to analyze and manipulate data, making it an essential tool for developers and data analysts.

One of the most useful operators in the Aggregation Framework is $lookup. This operator allows you to perform a left outer join between two collections, combining matching documents into a single result set. It is particularly useful when you need to combine data from multiple collections to perform complex queries or generate reports.

Using $lookup

The $lookup operator takes an input collection and performs a left outer join with another collection based on a specified field. The syntax for using $lookup is as follows:

{ $lookup: {
from: 'foreignCollection',
localField: 'localField',
foreignField: 'foreignField',
as: 'outputField'
} }

Let’s break down the different parameters:

  • from: The name of the foreign collection you want to join with.
  • localField: The field from the input collection that you want to match with the foreign collection.
  • foreignField: The field from the foreign collection that you want to match with the input collection.
  • as: The name of the output field that will contain the joined documents.

Example Usage

Let’s say we have two collections: ‘orders’ and ‘customers’. The ‘orders’ collection contains documents with an ‘customerId’ field, which corresponds to the ‘_id’ field in the ‘customers’ collection. We want to retrieve all orders along with the corresponding customer information.

We can achieve this using the $lookup operator:

{ $lookup: {
from: 'customers',
localField: 'customerId',
foreignField: '_id',
as: 'customer'
} }

This query will return a result set where each order document will have an additional ‘customer’ field containing the corresponding customer information.


The $lookup operator in the Aggregation Framework is a powerful tool that allows you to combine data from multiple collections in MongoDB. It simplifies the process of performing complex queries and generating reports by providing a flexible and efficient way to perform left outer joins. By leveraging the power of the Aggregation Framework and the $lookup operator, you can unlock the full potential of your MongoDB data.



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